Olya Polyakova in Los Angeles

26 May 2022 The Teragram Ballroom

Olya Polyakova USA tour

Olya Polyakova is going to the USA, all profits will be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The singer and her team will perform in major US cities. In May, Olya Polyakova will go on an American tour organized by the Fishcanfly concert agency. The concert program includes the best artist's songs and performances, all of which brought the singer the title of "most touring star of Ukraine." Olya Polyakova: “We must continue to work. All fans and listeners from abroad are waiting for us. They want to support us in difficult times. My team, although not all of them, is returning to work - it is important for all of us, for our families, relatives, and friends. This is what we know and what we can be useful for now: to give people a good mood, create good emotions, as well as to refill Ukrainian economy with money, to return jobs to people. All profits will be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukrainer will be transferred to volunteer programs and to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine." The tour schedule is as follows: May 19 - Miami May 20 - Chicago May 22 - New York May 24 - Boston May 26 - Los Angeles May 27 - San Francisco May 28 - Seattle May 29 - Denver