ANACONDAZ (pauzern-carnival) in Kyiv

27 Dec 2021 Atlas

ANACONDAZ (pauzern-carnival)

In summer, go for a picnic, in winter, prepare an outfit for the carnival! The Anacondaz group will dilute your lazy New Year's holidays with a big solo concert in Kiev. Let 2022 begin with a clean slate to the most daring hits in the history of Anacondaz, as well as songs from the new album "Перезвони мне +7 999 577 12 02"! On December 27, we meet at the Atlas club: the program includes dirty dancing, a powerful costume slam and a new circle of New Year's celebration! The merciless Anacondaz are already busy designing new costumes, but don't forget the dress code! Who is closer to you - cowboy, Amazon, Joker or Harley Quinn? Take your mask with you and welcome to the great pauzern carnival!

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